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Action Air Conditioning Los Vegas at work Action Air Conditioning Los Vegas puts service first

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We are here to meet your needs

Best Air Conditioning repair in Las Vegas for more than 50 Years

We are locally owned and operated, as well as fully licensed and insured. We are a fully staffed HVAC  repair company with the size and ability to meet all your needs. We’re dedicated to helping Las Vegas and Henderson residents keep their homes and businesses comfortable. Customer service is our priority!

Expert Services At A Great Price

When your air conditioning system is functioning at its best, it not only creates a comfortable environment, it also protects your home or office from humidity and moisture problems, increases indoor air quality and reduces energy costs. We carry the top AC units from America’s most trusted air conditioning brands. Action Air is Las Vegas’ choice for fast, friendly and affordable HVAC service.

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Call Us 24 Hours A Day, 7 Days A Week

(702) 384-5500

We offer 24-hour air conditioning repair services in Las Vegas. Action Air is your go-to HVAC contractor for any AC repair or installation. If you have a heating repair or are just in need of a heating or air conditioning check up in Las Vegas, contact us now to schedule!

Our company doesn’t just specialize in air conditioning repair  —we are available for all your heating and cooling system needs.

 Action Air Conditioning, Inc., has licensed technicians ready to provide you with quality 24-hour, same-day service!

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