Action Air – HVAC Contractors Provide Warranty with Each Service

Action Air – HVAC Contractors Provide Warranty with Each Service (=HVAC contractor)

Air conditioners and heaters provide comfort in your everyday life. It is also a reality that you do need to maintain your HVAC equipment and get it serviced from time to time. If you are wondering why to hire an HVAC contractor to repair your heating or air conditioning equipment, the number one reason is the warranty they provide. 

Types of Warranties

Manufacturer warranties only cover large system components. Even then, warranties for air filters, fan belts, electrical wiring, or lubrication are not included by manufacturers. A qualified HVAC contractor can help you maintain all parts of your equipment. Manufacturers cannot control how the equipment is installed and maintained, which is why it is essential to hire a qualified HVAC contractor to service your equipment.

When you purchase additional parts and labor warranties from the HVAC contractor that installed your system, you will get the most significant benefit and long-term protection for your system.

Regular Maintenance

In addition to a well-installed system, scheduled annual tune-ups will help you avoid the hassles associated with unexpected breakdowns. Even though you pay a minimal fee for yearly checkups, they pay for themselves by allowing you to catch problems early on, rather than letting a problem become bigger. You can avoid unnecessary repairs and keep your equipment running efficiently by regularly maintaining it.

Pitfalls of Purchasing Cheap Parts

Many people may fall for a cheap online retailer of parts for HVAC repair. While it may seem like a tempting buy, these purchases don’t come with a warranty. When you hire an HVAC contractor such as Action Air Conditioning, Inc., you get parts that come directly from the manufacturer and not from a third party. You also get a one year manufacturer’s warranty and a 90-day labor warranty should the part malfunction. If your part malfunctions within the warranty period, it is replaced with no additional cost. Getting a cheap part online and getting it installed from an unlicensed individual will void the manufacturer warranty and can cost you a lot if anything goes wrong.

Action Air Conditioning, Inc. is a family-owned and operated heating and air conditioning services company. We have experienced technicians, and we stand behind the warranty that we provide. We are one of the best Nevada HVAC contractors, and we service all popular brands of heaters and air conditioners. We have been serving both residential and commercial customers since 1969. For all your HVAC parts and service needs, contact us at 702-384-5500.