Nevada may have dry heat, but it is still extremely hot.  With high temperatures soaring into the one hundreds during the summer, it is necessary to take measures to handle this heat.  First and foremost, it is important to make sure you have a quality, efficient air conditioning system.  Air conditioning repair and maintenance can help HVAC systems to be more effective and efficient. See below for a few ways to handle the “dry heat” in Nevada.

Get Preventative A/C Unit Maintenance

A/C units need regular maintenance in order to run as efficiently as possible.  Some homeowners are not even aware that they need to get their A/C unit serviced regularly. This can lead to an inefficient cooling system, a shorter lifespan for the HVAC system, and higher utility bills.  Regular maintenance can also help catch problems before they cause the unit to break.   

Stay Hydrated 

If you do have to leave the comfort of your air-conditioned house or office, be sure to stay hydrated.  With the dry heat of Nevada, you may not sweat as much as you would in a humid climate. Thus, you may not reach for your water bottle as frequently as you should.  To ensure hydration all day long, carry around a reusable water bottle. There are also apps that are designed to tell users when they should take a sip of their water and how much they should be drinking throughout the day.  Staying hydrated will make you feel healthier and happier during those long hot months in Nevada.

Change Your A/C Filter Regularly 

As a homeowner, it is extremely important to regularly change air filters.  Dirty air filters can affect the efficiency of the unit and the cooling of the house. If the filter is dirty, it can block air-flow, causing utility bills to increase.  Changing the air filter is also beneficial to your health.  A clean air filter will capture mold particles and allergens and prevent them from passing through into the house.

Don’t Spend Excessive Amounts of Time Outdoors 

If you are planning on going outside in that dry heat, make sure not to stay out too long.  Take a lot of indoor breaks where your body can relax in an air-conditioned environment. Avoid intense outdoor exercise when temperatures are high. Opt for a workout session at the gym instead.

In Nevada, the heat is dry but it is still extremely hot. During the summer, the average high is in the one hundreds. Protect yourself from the heat with a quality HVAC system. Make sure that you are caring for your system and getting maintenance regularly.  If you have to venture out of the air conditioning, stay hydrated and don’t spend too much time outdoors.  Contact Action Air Conditioning today to learn more about air conditioning repair and maintenance.