Surprisingly, most people don’t think about the negative effects of a dirty A/C filter. Because the filter is out of sight, it is often out of mind, until the A/C unit doesn’t want to work properly. That said, there are several reasons to change your A/C filter regularly and prevent the consequences of a dirty air filter.

Your A/C Filter is Important

Air filters are an important part of your air conditioning system. They help to filter out pollen and dust and stop them from entering your home. They also work to protect you against things such as loose insulation that could lead to damage inside your home. All the air that is produced by your air conditioning system passes through your air filter. If you don’t change your air filter, it becomes dense and prevents air from being able to pass through. Most experts suggest changing your air filter every 90 days. Below are a few of the reasons you want to change your A/C filters regularly:

Keeps Utility Bills Affordable

The design of an air filter allows air to move freely through the filter while it collects particles of dust, dander, allergens, and a slew of other home pollutants. However, a dirty air filter restricts air flow. As a result, the blower fan in your air conditioning system must work harder to push air through the vents and leads to increased use of energy. You often the effect of this when you look at your electric bill. Is your bill higher than previous months? It could be the result of a dirty A/C filter.

Additionally, when a dirty A/C filter restricts the air flow, it limits the movement of air throughout your home. Some rooms may not get as much cool air as others, or the whole house could be affected. As a result, your temperature sensors might not recognize when the system needs to turn off, causing your energy bills to increase as well. Your home is less comfortable for you and your family.

Prolongs Expensive Repair Work

Repair work is another expense related to a dirty A/C filter. When you don’t replace your filters regularly, you increase the risk of your air conditioning system overheating or freezing up. Typically, you will notice this when the temperature in your home stays the same even though your unit is running non-stop. Repairing the motor on your a/c unit means less money in your pockets. Even worse, you could find yourself replacing the entire unit sooner than expected.

Decreases Health Risks

Regular replacement of your A/C filters helps to decrease health risks associated with air pollutants, mold, and allergens. A/C filters work to capture these particles and prevent them from flowing through the vents and into your home. However, a dirty filter can only hold so many particles. Likewise, a dirty filter creates a place for moisture to build up, causing mold and mildew to grow, compounding any health risks to you, your family, and any pets inside your home.

Changing your A/C filter is a necessary part of maintaining your home. Keeping your air filter clean can create better air quality inside of your home and also establish a more comfortable environment for you and your family. To learn more about air conditioner maintenance, visit Action Air online. If you need to schedule maintenance, then contact our on-duty operator at (702) 384-5500 or fill out the contact form on our website.