Heating System Maintenance

Las Vegas Heating System Maintenance Contractors

Las Vegas gets cold, and your heating system works all day and night when the weather dips down the most. Repairs are costly, and replacing your heating system can be a crippling expense for many home owners. Protect your investment, like you would with any mechanical system, by keeping it properly maintained.

Winter Heating System Tune-Up

At Action Air Conditioning we offer seasonal maintenance services for your HVAC system. Having a trained and experienced contractor service your system before it is turned on for the season can ensure a winter without repairs. Your unit has often been sitting for approximately six months before you turn it on at the start of the cold Las Vegas winter.

Usually in October we offer a seasonal tune up to identify and replace any worn or broken parts. During your inspection, a trained heating system contractor will thoroughly review all visible parts of your unit, and will report their findings. We may recommend changing parts that appear to be worn or starting to show signs of needing repairs.

Save Thousands on Emergency Repairs

Properly maintaining your residential heating system may save you thousands of dollars in emergency repairs and replacement services later. With your system not being in constant use during the time of your maintenance, rush order and emergency fees can be avoided. Why wait until an unplanned emergency when you can schedule your convenient maintenance service today.

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