Furnace maintenance is crucial for your comfort in the winter months. Moreover, a properly maintained heating system will deliver optimal heat output to your home without wasting any energy. However, your gas furnace will not take care of itself unless you begin maintaining it regularly.

Start Your Furnace Maintenance Early

Don’t wait for a problem to show up during the cold winter months. It would be quite stressful if you have a furnace failure on a cold night. On the other hand, taking a proactive furnace maintenance approach will prevent any such mishap and ensure a warm winter for you and your family. You can start by conducting your furnace maintenance every year while the weather is still warm. It will also give you plenty of time if you need to take care of any repairs.

Clean Furnace Ducts

Furnace ducts are prone to damages and require cleaning frequently using a high-powered vacuum cleaner. Gas furnaces are hooked with a ventilation system which can get blocked due to large amounts of dust and debris. Moreover, blocked ventilation is dangerous and can be hazardous for you and your family. Therefore, these vents must be cleaned regularly during furnace maintenance.

Take Care of the Flame Sensor and Filter

A dirty flame sensor in a furnace will prevent your unit from working. Hence you must clean the flame sensor at least once a year. Another important aspect is the furnace filter. The filter system is a crucial aspect of a gas furnace because it prevents dirt from entering the furnace. Changing the filter will ensure a long life for your furnace and can save you money on your energy bills.

Clean the Blower

In addition to cleaning the filter system during furnace maintenance, the blower assembly should be checked as well. The blower is located right behind the air filter. Some of the dust and debris could penetrate through the air filter into the blower. In order to remove the accumulated dirt, you will have to clean the blower, pulleys, and belts.

Hire a Professional for Maintenance

It would be wise to hire a professional furnace maintenance technician, rather than trying to maintain your furnace yourself. If you are looking to hire a company in the Las Vegas area, Action Air Conditioning, Inc. is a professional and reliable choice. We are a reputed Nevada heating and air conditioning services company, and we service all popular brands of heaters and air conditioners. For all your heater maintenance needs, contact us at 702-384-5500.