Proper air conditioning is equally, if not more, important for a commercial office environment as for a home. Hot temperatures can put a damper on all commercial activities whether you are running a store, office, or commercial facility. Therefore, you want to make sure that your commercial HVAC system is working correctly so that you always keep a comfortable environment for your employees and clients.

Importance of HVAC Maintenance

When you live in a place where temperatures rise above 110 degrees Fahrenheit in summer, proper HVAC functioning is essential to your business operations. Commercial HVAC maintenance can ensure that you never have to face the situation of uncomfortable heat in your office. Otherwise, the hot summer temperatures can have a substantial impact on your bottom line.

Regularly Change the Air Filter

The air filter in your commercial HVAC system is for the specific purpose of filtering and cleaning air that enters your indoors. It traps dirt, dust, debris, and harmful particles to clean the air. Henceforth, the air filter does get dirty and clogged after some time, which makes it harder for air to pass through it. Moreover, due to the restricted airflow, your air conditioning system will have to work harder to cool the air. Therefore, you need to change the air filter regularly, to avoid additional strain on your HVAC system, and to prevent failure.

Keep an Eye on the Thermostat

You should check the thermostat of your commercial HVAC system before summer begins to ensure that it is working correctly. A bad thermostat can cause problems ranging from inadequate or uneven cooling to short-cycling. You can get your HVAC maintenance team to check the thermostat.  You should also ensure that your thermostat settings are optimized for energy savings and your comfort.

Clean the Outdoor Condenser Unit

An essential part of HVAC maintenance is cleaning the outdoor condenser. The condenser unit will typically be located on the roof or attached to a wall outside your office or building. Your HVAC maintenance firm should be able to clean the condenser unit quickly and efficiently. You should schedule this cleaning before summer kicks in. The condenser is responsible for transferring heat from your indoor space to the outdoors. In the absence of a functional condenser, your air-conditioner may lose some of its ability to produce cool air.

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