Quite often, homeowners are unaware of the fact that their HVAC systems need regular maintenance. Other times, they ignore the maintenance because they don’t want to spend money. However, if you do so, you may end up paying a lot more when your equipment stops heating or cooling altogether. Regular HVAC maintenance will increase the life of your equipment and be a lot less expensive in the long run.

Catch Problems Before They Grow

One major reason for regular HVAC maintenance is that you may not even notice when something is wrong with your unit. Generally, people don’t notice issues with their units until they break down altogether. However, your HVAC unit may be working too hard or running incorrectly, resulting in inconsistent air temperatures. Regular maintenance catch problems before they get out of hand, protecting you from having to make significant repairs or replace your unit.

Get the Most Out of Your Unit

Another reason you should get your HVAC units checked regularly is that your HVAC system becomes less efficient as it accumulates dust throughout the year. Monitor your utility bills and see if there are any discrepancies which may indicate that your system needs to be looked at. Since your heating and cooling systems take up a lot of energy, regular maintenance can have a big impact on your utility bills.

The blower components of your unit are vital parts that require yearly maintenance. Blower components need to be cleaned and adjusted for efficiency to ensure proper airflow for your comfort. When not properly maintained, blower airflow problems can reduce your HVAC efficiency.

Increase the Lifespan of Your HVAC System

When you do get regular HVAC maintenance done, you add to the life of your system. Youtr units will continue to function efficiently for many more years. Check if your HVAC contractor offers a yearly inspection program that you can sign up for. As part of this annual inspection program, your contractor will lubricate all moving parts of your system. This prevents resistance in motors, which can take a toll on the system or use more electricity.

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