Types of HVAC Systems in Paradise

A yellow chair and a wooden cabinet in the corner of a room.If you’re in the market for a new heating and air conditioning system, it can be difficult to know what kind to pick. Every house and family is different and each one has its own needs and specific requirements. Knowing the difference between HVAC systems can help you make the right choice. 

Split System

A split system uses two main units to generate warm or cool air. Each of these units will be housed in its own spot in or around the house. The furnace usually will be inside the house or garage while the AC unit will generally be outside. However, these aren’t steadfast rules and your home’s layout will play a big part in where these units are placed. 

Hybrid System 

Hybrid systems work in much the same way as split systems, but with one crucial difference. These systems are powered by either gas or electricity and as the owner, you can decide when to use either. These systems are useful in milder climates when you want to save on your heating and cooling costs. 

Duct-Free System

Duct-free HVAC systems use small units placed in individual rooms that can be adjusted according to the needs of the people in those areas. These systems are more complex than the others but they can be much more efficient. They allow you to eliminate wasted heat or A/C in rooms that aren’t being used and can deliver a very focused temperature. 

Need Help With HVAC Systems in Paradise?

If you need help choosing the right system for your home, Action Air Conditioning is here to help. Our professional technicians can inspect your home and help you find the perfect solution. We install heat pumps, gas furnaces and air conditioners and also provide preventive maintenance on all systems. Contact us today for more information. 

Expert Help With HVAC Systems in Paradise 

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Why Does My AC Leak in Henderson?

A dirty air conditioner with rust on it.Your air conditioner is an important part of your home and if you notice problems, it’s always best to investigate. An AC leak could not only be a sign of a bigger issue, it could cause damage to your house if left unaddressed. Knowing what the common causes of leaks are and how they should be addressed can help you get to the root of the problem. 

Clogged Drain Line  

The condensate drain line in your air conditioner can get clogged with debris, mold or dust over time. When it gets clogged, it can’t properly drain the condensation from your AC and will start to run back into the unit. This can cause leaking inside the house as well as in the unit itself. 

Dirty Air Filter 

When your air filter gets dirty and clogged, it can’t properly take in the air it needs to push over the evaporator coil. When this happens, the coil can freeze over and create excess water, which causes leaks. It can also force the unit to work harder and wear out parts much faster. 

Low Refrigerant 

When the refrigerant level in your air conditioner gets low, it can lower the pressure inside the unit. Just like with a dirty air filter, this can cause the evaporator coil to freeze and create an AC leak. You may also notice that your air conditioner isn’t getting as cold as it used to. 

Need to Fix an AC Leak in Henderson?

If you are noticing a leak in or near your air conditioner, Action Air Conditioning is here to help. Our professional technicians can run a maintenance check on your HVAC unit and find the source. We can also install heat pumps and gas furnaces for when the weather starts to cool down. Contact us today for more information.  

Professional AC Leak Help in Henderson 

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Why Use a Gas Furnace in Boulder City?

A close up of the blue lights on an industrial machineChoosing a heating option for your home can be difficult if you aren’t sure what will benefit you the most. A gas furnace can have a lot of advantages that will keep your home running efficiently and effectively. Find out more about how you can enhance your home’s heating with natural gas. 


A gas furnace can reach temperatures of up to 130 degrees Fahrenheit. With that kind of power, you can heat up your home much quicker and more effectively, even when temperatures are extremely low. It can also allow you to run the heater less.

Uses Less Electricity

Electric heating can be a major drain on your electricity bill, especially if you live in a high-use area. A natural gas heater can be less expensive and more environmentally friendly because it doesn’t use electricity. The money saved on an electric bill will more than make up for the initial cost of natural gas.  


One of the biggest benefits of a gas furnace is its efficiency. Modern natural gas furnaces can have an efficiency of up to 98%. This means there is less heat lost in production and more delivered to your actual home. It also means fewer refills of natural gas, so you can get more heat for your money. 

Need a Gas Furnace in Boulder City?

Do you want to have a more efficient and powerful heating solution for your home? Action Air Conditioning’s team of professional technicians can walk you through how you could benefit from natural gas heating. We can also install air conditioners and heat pumps, as well as keep your HVAC running smoothly with preventative maintenance. Contact us for more information today!

Professional Gas Furnace Installation in Boulder City

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Benefits of HVAC Preventative Maintenance in Paradise

A person holding an electrical tool in their hand.Keeping your HVAC in good working order is a great way to ensure that your home stays efficient and healthy. There are many ways to enhance the operation of your home, but HVAC preventative maintenance is one of the best. By staying on top of this all-important system, you can save yourself a lot of time, money and potential health issues. 

Fewer Repairs

Regular maintenance on your HVAC system can help mitigate potential disasters by fixing problems as they occur. Letting an issue such as a broken seal or clogged drainage tube get worse over time can create much bigger problems down the road. By having the system professionally checked on an ongoing basis, you can be sure that small problems won’t turn into big ones. 

Higher Efficiency

Maintaining your HVAC can lead to much higher efficiency, which can save you a lot of money over the long haul. One of the leading causes of low efficiency in HVAC systems is leaking ductwork; if your system is regularly checked, these leaks can be fixed before they become major sources of inefficiency. 

Healthier Air

Regular HVAC preventative maintenance will include ductwork cleaning, which is essential to keeping the air in your home clean and healthy. Contaminants like dust and dirt can gather in your ducts and if they aren’t cleaned out, they will end up in the air. This can lead to lung irritation and exacerbated allergies, which are not good for you, your family, or your pets. 

Need HVAC Preventative Maintenance in Paradise?

Do you want to keep your home’s HVAC system running smoothly and efficiently? Action Air Conditioning’s professional technicians can help with regular preventative maintenance. We can also install new air conditioners and gas furnaces, as well as enhance your current system with a new heat pump. Contact us for more information today!

Professional HVAC Preventative Maintenance in Paradise

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Preparing for Air Conditioning Service in Henderson

A person is holding a digital multimeter in their hand.Don’t overlook needed air conditioning service this summer in Henderson. With warmer weather on the way, it’s important to ensure your system is ready. Whether that means scheduling repairs you’ve been putting off or simply having a heating and cooling professional stop by for some preventative maintenance, now is the time to act. 

Collecting All Necessary Documentation

Make sure you take some time to collect any necessary documentation regarding your system ahead of time. This includes prior repair histories, as well as warranty information. Your HVAC contractor may need this information as reference while performing air conditioning service on your unit.

Tidying Up

It’s also important that your home is tidy enough for the air conditioning service provider to work easily. Make sure the area around your HVAC system is easily accessible.

Accounting for Kids & Pets

If you have children or pets at home, it’s a good idea to make arrangements so they won’t be in the way. This could mean ensuring a family member or friend is available to keep the kids entertained. Securing pets in a separate room can also be helpful.

Never Skip Air Conditioning Service in Henderson

With summer right around the corner, it’s more important now than ever to schedule any needed air conditioning services in Henderson. Whatever your situation, the pros at Action Air Conditioning Inc. can provide the assistance you need. Our NATE-certified technicians are highly experienced and approach every job with diligence. Licensed and insured, our company is the number one solution for all your HVAC maintenance and repairs. We also regularly assist with heat pumps and gas furnaces. Contact us for more information today!

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Questions to Ask a New HVAC Contractor in Boulder City

A man is working on the outside of an air vent.Don’t hire the first HVAC contractor you run across in Boulder City. Whether you’re seeking assistance with air conditioning,a heat pump or a gas furnace, consider all your options before signing a contract. One of the best ways to evaluate potential companies is to ask lots of questions. Making the right inquiries now can save you a lot of time and money in the future. 

How much experience do you have?

Always ask about the experience level of the heating and cooling professional assigned to your case. This is particularly important when the issue you’re dealing with seems particularly complicated. While someone new to the field may be able to perform standard preventative maintenance, difficult repairs and installations will require more experience.

Is the work covered by a warranty?

What happens if a problem develops or persists after the HVAC contractor leaves? Find out whether a warranty is offered before agreeing to service. Many companies offer coverage for new installations, so if something goes wrong you can call the team back out. 

When will the work be completed?

Every job is different. In most cases, your HVAC contractor can provide an estimated timeframe after performing an assessment. If the job is larger than anticipated, you may be able to reschedule for another day.

Speak with an HVAC Contractor in Boulder City Today!

When you need to hire an experienced HVAC contractor in Boulder City, contact Action Air Conditioning Inc. Licensed and insured, our company employs some of the best NATE-Certified technicians in the region. We have the knowledge and experience to address all your heating and cooling needs, big or small. Contact us today to discuss product sales, as well as our offered maintenance and repair services.

HVAC Contractor Services in Boulder City

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Top Traits to Look for in a Paradise HVAC Contractor

A man wearing gloves and a mask is working on an air conditioner.Don’t hire just any HVAC contractor when you need preventative maintenance or repair in Paradise. It’s important to spend time considering your options carefully, comparing experience levels, prices and customer service ratings. Jumping into a job without researching the professionals in your area can lead to costly services and poor results. 

Insurance Coverage

First and foremost, make sure the professional you hire is covered by insurance. While injuries are relatively rare in this industry, some equipment can be dangerous and accidents do happen. If the HVAC contractor is injured on your property without proper insurance coverage, you could be held liable for any resulting medical bills. 

High Company Rating

Make sure your HVAC contractor works for a company that has a high service rating. Many third-party websites rank businesses and provide a detailed explanation of their assessment process. Reading through this information can be extremely informative. Additionally, most companies and individual contractors make it easy to find past customer reviews and testimonials. This type of feedback will help you gauge how satisfied people are with the services they received.

Warranty Offer

It’s also a good idea to look for an HVAC contractor that offers a warranty on their installations. The best warranties cover products and labor. Alternatively, a customer satisfaction guarantee may suffice. It’s important to know that if a problem arises, you can get further assistance without spending more money.

Hire an Experienced HVAC Contractor in Paradise Today!

Count on Action Air Conditioning Inc. when you need to hire an experienced HVAC contractor in Paradise. Our company is licensed and insured, with NATE-Certified technicians available to address all your heating and cooling needs. From air conditioning units to heat pumps and gas furnaces, we offer exceptional sales, maintenance and repair services. Contact us today!

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